IT Project Manager


⁃ Product owner and entrepreneurial mindset ⁃ Understand business as a business and be able to link, apply and improvising with technology ⁃ Understand entire company IT infrastructure and tech objectives. ⁃ Constantly evaluating tech tools and applications usage to achieve company goal.
⁃ Understand and develop cloud server technology and manage risk between internal server and cloud technology
⁃ Suggest and introduce new tech related tools, apps and features to create better efficiency and alignment of team and projects.
⁃ Tech alert mindset that understand balance between team mindset and culture
⁃ Be able to complete task or project based works and create linkage to overall IT strategy to reach company goal and vision.
⁃ Be able to set up IT OKRs, milestone targets and understand other departments OKRs to support with dashboards through out the company.
⁃ Understand company business :ERP, collaboration tools, chat application, knowledge sharing tools and company hardware; software; networks.
⁃ Understand digital transformation in sense of SME to scale and partially


  1. Male / Female, age 28 – 38 years old
  2. Bachelor’s degree or higher in Information Technology, Computer Engineering Or other related branches
  3. Have communication skills Analyze and solve problems
  4. Good listener, good analytical skill, good collaborator, good data collector, good leader and great growth mindset
  5. Great tech skill, fast new tech learner, very technology obsessed mind and early adopter user to global new technology and applications.
  6. Dream big and value to create something impact for Thailand and global level.
  7. Great presentation skill and making attractive communicable presentation deck.
  8. Fluently writing and reading in English
  9. Have 5 years of management experience in IT field


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Email :
Line : hr_3bs
Tel : 0819391409


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